Casting Call for Playing God

Type: VR Production
Location: Leicester
Salary: Above NLW per hour
Freelance contract: Rehearsals/readings paid NLW. Filming days significantly more.
Production Dates:  6 x short rehearsal + 2-day shoot that will take place w/c 26th Nov or 3rd Dec TBC.
Closing Date for application: 01/11/18
How to apply: apply with a link (vimeo/youtube) to a self-tape Monologue stating your name, the name of the character you are applying for and your current location: You can submit to play more than one part with different Monologues.
Casting: 6/11/2018
Protecting Actors This production has signed the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement

Details & Requirements:

Playing God is an interactive film for VR devices with multiple narratives. It’s shot to a single camera on a greenscreen.
The film is sci-fi in genre. It plays out a scenario where a space colony has been evacuated and they are seeking refuge on the viewer’s colony. The moral dilemmas resulting from this mass evacuation are presented to the viewer through a dramatic narrative, where the viewer make decisions, which affect the shape and flow of their experience of the film. Actors will play out multiple options, giving different reactions and range to each narrative branch.



Description 2nd in command to the Captain (played by the viewer.) Left in a difficult situation with limited ability to communicate with the captain due to computer malfunctions. Meaning they are required to communicate a complicated situation into simplified straightforward questions, which they communicate directly to camera. Also mediates between the Ensign and Lieutenant and commands screen Has a powerful sense of duty to fulfil the wishes of the Captain regardless of their own personal opinions. Must remain calm and show strong leadership in the face of challenging circumstances.


3rd in command behind the Captain, reports to the Commander. Has a logical/libertarian viewpoint on the ethical dilemmas presented in the piece. Appears more right wing than the others, driven by a strong sense of duty to protect their own people. Does the main communication with the Commander. Argues the case for the most practical/less humanitarian choices throughout the film.


One of many on this command level, with the exception of holding a unique special relationship with the Commander that trusts their opinion. Has a compassionate regard for human life and an optimistic viewpoint in the human spirit, which comes into conflict with their respect for authority and the leadership hierarchy. Does the main communication with the Lieutenant. Argues the case for the most humanitarian choices throughout the film.