Concept Artist for Sci-Fi VR Film required


Concept/environmental artist is needed to create the concept drawing for a Sci-Fi VR film to add shape and form to the initial visuals from the director. It’s a branching VR narrative to be created for Vive and Google Cardboard headsets.

Initially 4 x concept images for VR film are required using your creativity and skill to developed and expanded from the main details in the images below.

Preference is for an artists working with a photo-realistic style, using photo textures worked into drawing but not a requirement

Key will be to create exciting concept environments, with special attention to composition, colour schemes and the overall mood.

Knowledge of environment creation, including sculpting, modelling, surfacing, texturing, with decent drawing skills and a good artistic eye for colour, value, tone, silhouette, etc. a bonus but definitely not a requirement

Job is a Freelance position with potential for further work on the project in the near future.

About the film

The film is Sci-Fi in genre, set on a giant spacecraft.

The Environment/Concepts Art Needed

The three environments are: Main bridge, Shuttlebay, A Shuttle Craft interior (not related to the main spacecraft.).

Main bridge:

Image 1: Bridge view of Captains Chair, main characters are Commander in the middle, Lieutenant and Ensign either side. Computers and a small number of officers are around the edges and back of the room. It’s medium sized.

Image 2: Bridge view of video screen. This is a video screen showing either the outside space or video communications similar to Star Trek.

The main bridge has the main captains chair flanked by two support lieutenants. Is medium sized. With more officers working on computers around the sides of the bridge.

Shuttle bay:

Image 3: This image is a view of the commanding platform in the main shuttle bay. The shuttle bay is large with large doors opening to space and shuttle crafts entering the processing area. The concept image should show more of the perspective of the size and stuff going on in the shuttle bay than is currently in the reference image above. In this concept image it should contain the main shuttle bay officers, the Commander appearing as a hologram, other officers working on computer in the background and a viewpoint of the whole of the shuttlebay in the background. Including entrance from space, and shuttle crafts landing in the processing bay, machinery for fixing shuttle crafts etc. and emergency pop up medical tents have started to fill this space with people from the shuttle crafts being helped to them by the ships officers.

Reference floor plan idea

Reference images

Shuttle Craft interior :

Image 4: This is a Shuttle Craft interior, mid size. It’s massively overcrowded with desperate people escaping war, suffering from low oxygen. References below.

To Apply

Please apply with:

  • Portfolio
  • your day rate
  • expected days needed
  • Details of when you can deliver work (work is needed ASAP)
  • Brief summary of why you should work on the project


Any questions ask.

Deadline 16th May Noon